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committed to community

serving business and supporting community

We’re a national network of local friends and family participating in building community.

As involved as 4Refuel is in serving multiple industries, we are also part of the community. We contribute to the growth of important charitable organizations, local non-profit associations and community groups. Here are a few of the many ways we gave back last year.

helping kids in our community who face depression

In today's fast paced, technology driven society nobody faces more versatile challenges on their own than children.  The complexity of the problems they face are not always as black and white as they seem, and BlueWave understands that youth mental health issues like depression and anxiety can be too easily overlooked by labelling them  " just growing up" or "learning the hard way."
At 4Refuel we are proud of our involvement with the BLUE WAVE Foundation, assisting them in their efforts to educate parents with information based on today's youth, direct them to useful resources that make real challenges easier to deal with and strengthen the message to our children that it is OK 2 B Blue.
Learn more, get involved or make a donation: BlueWave website: www.ok2bblue.com

investing in our future – supporting youth and community

Many 4Refuellers belong to community associations, assist charitable organizations or donate their time to local sports teams and green efforts. It’s part of the 4Refuel culture to give back to the community through the charitable outlets that we feel privileged to be involved with.
Although, what we are most proud of is staff who give time to support local sports teams with coaching and fund-raising or organizing and participating in charity marathons. We support our people who support the communities we call home – from coast to coast.

use our hospitality golf cart for your event 

We offer our 4Refuel Hospitality Carts to community associations as a great way to add an extra element of fun and convenience and organization to any event.

Our distinctive custom, fuel-tanker golf carts are available across Canada for no-charge booking by charity groups, sports teams, public service organizations, volunteers and community group leaders that we are proud to call our neighbours.
It's also available to any business in the community, and is the perfect complement to special events, corporate golf tournaments, parades, sports tournaments, charity fundraisers, trade shows, or on-location promotions.

Contact your local 4Refuel office or dial 1 888 4Refuel to be connected to the regional office nearest you.

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Thank you 4Refuel for supporting our children`s efforts to plant trees in our city and make our community a little greener. You are a great friend to our organization.

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